Why is my car up for Repossession?2021-10-13T14:35:53-03:00

Most likely, you were late on payments and have not contacted your bank to work out some kind of payment arrangement with them.

Is Metro Investigation and Recovery Solutions Insured?2021-10-13T14:34:52-03:00

Yes, of course. To meet the very highest standards of the Partners in Asset Recovery (PAR), we have to carry a complete line of comprehensive insurance.

Are your agents trained?2019-10-30T06:15:06-03:00

Yes! Each of our staff members completes a background check and monthly in-house training to keep up with the ever changing industry, ordinances, and laws. They are CARS certified as well as VTS certified. You can be sure that every employee of Metro Investigation and Recovery Solutions is knowledgeable and trained in not just their own individual positions, but many duties within the asset-recovery industry.

How do I get my car back?2019-10-30T06:16:10-03:00

The first thing you need to do is contact your finance company and fulfill any steps they have. Once you have satisfied any fees on their end, they will send us a release and we can schedule you for an appointment.

To get an appointment, you can schedule it online via our website HERE or via phone at 410-344-1501. You will need to provide your driver’s license or state ID at time of redemption for us to release the vehicle to you.

How do I get my property out of my vehicle?2019-10-30T06:17:51-03:00

If you are the debtor, you can schedule an appointment to pick up your personal property at any time by calling us at 410-344-1501. You can also schedule an appointment via our website HERE.

If you are not the debtor, we will require a third party release from the finance company.

Before we can release any personal property, we must properly identify the party we are releasing it to with a license or state ID. Please note you have 30/60 days (depending on your finance company) to redeem your property before it is disposed.

Anything secured to the vehicle, stays with the vehicle.

What if my vehicle or property was damaged?2019-10-30T06:20:33-03:00

When you arrive at the lot, you must immediately notify us of any damage that wasn’t there previously. All of our vehicles and drivers are equipped with video monitoring equipment that we can review that will let us assess the circumstances of the damage, and if the damage was previously done before we took possession.