Final Notice is the company you turn to when you are looking for a professional and expedited recovery of your collateral. As Maryland’s only fully dual licensed, insured and bonded recovery and Private Investigation Company we offer a service unlike any other repossession company. Our team of dedicated management and agents off over 50 years of combined experience in the Repossession and Investigation fields. Our commitment to constantly grow our business to suit our customers speaks for itself in our rapid growth. We strive to do anything that makes the repossession process easier on our clients, this includes but is not limited to submission of accounts; online, by fax, by email, or access to whichever repossession software you prefer. We can tailor updates to meet your needs as well as will work with any special needs you may have.


Final Notice Equipment & Facilities:

Each and every Final Notice storage facility is built to protect our client’s collateral. Each facility is secured within a fenced in yard with security camera that are recorded and stored to an offsite secure server. Each of our tow trucks and spotter cars have camera installed on them that record every repossession. Any client who wishes to set up an inspection of any lot is welcome to do so by setting up an appointment with our office staff so that we can show you where your collateral will be stored.

Final Notice Uses License Plate Recognition:

Our fulltime skiptracers are on the job from the start checking and rechecking each job to make sure that all the information is accurate. The LPR system we use has so far stored more than 35 million tag hits. We will be happy to provide you additional information on this system on request. If the account is not recovered within a week, we hand the account over to our in-house team of investigators. These investigators work on contacting the debtor to either get the account paid or get the collateral returned. We do not close a case until it has been resolved.

Final Notice Remarkets:

Our expert staff will work to locate buyers for yours and other clients’ assets. Additionally, our staff has the ability to deal with collections and prepare for repurchases. Contact us today by calling us at (410) 344-1501, faxing us at (410) 344-1502, emailing us at info@fnrecovery.com, or using our Contact Page for further information.

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