About Us

Final Notice Recovery ® is a highly-experienced company specializing in collateral recovery. Our company employs law enforcement and military veterans, who between them have more than 50 years of experience in the field of collateral recovery. Our company strives to stay ahead of our competitors by understanding all current compliance laws and regulations for all areas we services as well as staying on top of the latest technology available locate and retrieve collateral.

We carry the current bonding, licensing and insurance not only to protect us, but also to protect you and your collateral. This helps us provide all of our clients with superior service. On top of all this, we will provide you the names of past clients, so that you can contact them and discover their experiences with us. This will reassure you that Final Notice Recovery ® is the company that not only meets but exceed your needs and expectations

The main goals of Final Notice Recovery ® is to recover collateral safely and quickly, and to protect our clients’ reputations. We know the clients’ business and reputation is at risk if their collateral is not recovered in a timely manner. This is why we provide professional, dependable services to Baltimore and Washington D.C. metropolitan and surrounding areas as well as Delaware.

We are a one-stop company that custom designs our services to suit the needs of each one of our clients. Our team includes experienced office staff, field agents, skip tracers, tow truck operators and investigators. This entire team starts to work immediately on your accounts often on the same day the request for our services is received into the office. We also provide you regular, accurate updates of our progress on recovering your collateral. In emergency situations we have an after hours contact that is answered 24/7 to our clients. Our workers locate your debtors and recover your valuable collateral. We do provide photos of the condition of your collateral. If you wish, we also make keys to operate your units and remarked your units for you. There is not job that is too small or large for our efforts.

Our company operates multiple facilities. Each facility meets the requirements of the licensing bodies that we repossess for. It is here that we watch over your collateral to ensure it is secured safely for you. We have a monitoring system that operates seven days a week and around the clock. This system also is operated and observed by our team of professionals.

The Fleet at Final Notice Recovery ®

We have 10 spotter units that enable our field agents to work diligently around the clock seven days a week to track down your collateral on top of scanning tags into our substantial database. Our company is focused on using the latest in technology to provide the best service possible to you. We will further inform you on our ALPR systems upon request. We also own four tow trucks and keep one at the lot at all times for moving collateral onsite. Our fleet is tracked continuously through GPS to guarantee that our staff is working on your accounts properly. We have also installed accident cameras in our vehicles to keep our drivers driving as safe as possible while handling your collateral. Every tow truck is also equipped with camera systems that record each and every repossession.